January 2011 – Volpe Newsletter Teaser

This is the Newsletter Lite version, a snack perhaps to whet your appetite before the full fat bunga- bunga one later in the month.

Today I have returned from Bologna. I now feel that I may never want to eat again. But such is the guile with which Emanuele fills your plate and glass that you become powerless to resist. You enter a trance like state brought on by more shavings of white truffle. So those of you who still feel like me post Christmas, perhaps it is time to take on a personal trainer. I have several I can highly recommend, from pure strength to something altogether more holistic. We have someone for every need, befriend me on Facebook and I will put you in touch.

On a personal note. For those of you who might be interested in a bargain, we have started our Sale. I know you think that, I think that this is a dirty word, but business is business. Trust me the service will not suffer, but I will give you the opportunity to fold your purchases and put them in the bag yourself.


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