November Updates…. and some new stock!

My wishes have been granted, as will yours be if you persevere to the bitter end.

You will have wondered why my posts have been so thin on the ground, almost like hens’ teeth.

I have been pushed from pillar to post, run ragged, hither and thither, dragged through a hedge forwards, not knowing my left from my right, up hill and down dale? And if anyone remembers my Dale Winton story; you’ll know what a harrowing set of circumstances I encountered.

However, finally for one brief moment in time I gained an hour.

Oooooh what did I do with it? Boil a dozen eggs? What do think; I’m going soft?

How did I spend it, binge watch Game of Thrones, read the treat of Maastricht, go long on hours, go short on days?

We have received new stock and there will be photos as soon as my phone remembers what my face looks like… read to the end.

That extra hour? I put it in the bank and saved it up for nothing more than another monumental series of birthday celebration.

Then with that hour, I shall rise shameless with the lark, early one morning, just as the sun was rising, I heard a maid sing in the valley below…

While those who we entrust with our prized sovereignty play bureaucratic ‘Deal or No Deal’, sporting pudding basin haircuts. I partied away the days, and nights with people from all four corners of the earth, every shape and size, gender, colour and creed.

Tarif la Quiff would have raised sanctions against me for this excess and debauchery, while Beelzebub looked the other way and Nigel spluttered into his half pint…

My cup was never empty, my lips never without a smile, time with some of my nearest and dearest, rich in the knowledge that when this feast ever ended, lack of sleep would not be my famine.

I would also like to everybody for their kind wishes, each and every one gratefully received.

One or two, put two and two together, and still got the answer wrong!


We will be closed on Tuesday 13th November 2018 and re-open on the 14th.

Vintage merino wool sweaters £150

Merino wool and cashmere pullovers £150

Belt and braces merino wool cardigan £220

Vintage merino wool sweatshirt £135

Merino wool birds eye cardigan £220

Water repellent wool cardigan £220

Vintage merino wool cardigan £175

Brushed cotton shirts £145

Woven cotton shirts £145

Cotton shirts £145

Cotton shirts £145

Brushed cotton shirts £165

Gingham check cotton shirts £145

Woven cotton shirts £145

Merino wool and flannel quilted Harrington jacket £390

Hood merino wool and flannel jacket £390

Reversible Loro Piana Storm System Cashmere and quilted coat

Denim colour Loro Piana cashmere Storm System quilted short coat £950

Wool and microfibre car coat £570

Nylon field jacket with removable hood £450

Wool and microfibre car coat £570

Nylon quilted iD jacket with suede trim £450

Nylon quilted iD jacket with suede trim £450

Change of hours

Please note from Monday 3rd September 2018 the opening hours changed, however there will occasionally be other days when the business has a little repose.

One of the days will take place on Tuesday 13th November 2018, we will re-open on Wednesday the 14th.

Monday: By appointment only
Tuesday: 11.00 – 19.00
Wednesday: 11.00 – 19.30
Thursday: 11.00 – 19.30
Friday: 11.00 – 19.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00
Sunday: Closed

I will still be available outside these times on my mobile and via Whatsapp on +44 7801 629519.

I look forward to seeing you soon,


New Stock

Do not worry there is plenty more to come…

Vintage Merino Wool long sleeve shirts at £175 and brushed cotton Prince of Wales check shirts at £165

Vintage wash merino wool roll neck pullover in brown at £190

Vintage wash merino wool roll neck pullover at £190

Shawl neck Geelong Pullover at £170 with a brushed cotton shirt at £145

Shawl neck Geelong Pullover at £170 with a jersey long sleeve shirt at £145

Shawl neck Geelong Pullover at £170 with a jersey long sleeve shirt at £145

Rain resistant knitted jacket at £290 with a brushed cotton shirt at £145

Quilted long sleeve knitted jacket in navy blue at £360, scarf model’s own, but apparently will sell for £89

Quilted long sleeve knitted jacket in navy blue at £360, scarf model’s own.

Navy blue gilet in techno fabric £220

Suede fronted quilted gilet with nylon back in brown at £490

Suede fronted quilted gilet with nylon back in blue at £490

Quilted gilet in flannel wool from Vitale Barberis Cannonico £360

Quilted gilet in flannel wool from Vitale Barberis Cannonico in silver grey at £360

Quilted gilet in brown nylon £250

Quilted gilet in camouflage nylon £250

Micro down filled quilted gilet in blue nylon £260

Micro down filled quilted gilet in light-blue nylon £260

Micro down filled quilted gilet in orange nylon £260

Down filled Parka with hood £550

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90th Birthday Celebrations

As it looks like I will be staycationing in London over the summer, you’ll be getting a few of these.

So, my apologies in advance for once again ploughing a political furrow, but as they are bolting the doors and drawing down the blinds for the recess, I thought I should get a kidney punch in before then, and it is such a rich vein, where there’s muck, there’s gold. (sic)

You also know when I get stuck on a theme I am like Count Orlok with Ellen.

Cameron, Davis or Johnson. The bendy men of politics, missed votes, broken promises and broken dreams, not a vertebrate between them, an empty sack of principles. However unlike the three little pigs their houses, were all built of cards.

But they have disappeared “The Men who never Were” (sic). A skillful game of bluff and double bluff. The body of the British economy washed up on a Spanish Beach, an attache case full of white paper at it’s side for Angela and Jean-Claude to examine, decipher and decode. Theresa is left to convince Michel that the contents of those papers are real and the game is afoot.

Across the ‘Pond’, well, I coulda’, shoulda’, woulda’.

Unfortunately, Vlad the Lad has eyes of Kaa. The snake from the Jungle Book, for the uninitiated amongst you.

It was as if I was Harry Palmer in The Ipcress Files; I was under his spell, I couldn’t help blurting the words out, I shouldn’t and normally I wouldn’t, but I did.

I kept hoping that he would tie me to a chair and set about me with a ‘soap on a rope’, preferably, Imperial Leather, but it was all a little too reminiscent of the Tsar and the Seventies, the Brut, he uses Hai Karate, be careful how you, use it!

Anyway, Vlad isn’t that old, just look at him, poor old Tariff could never work out if he was frowning or not.

La Quiff though, has taken a stand against the NFL players who in protest, take a knee during the National Anthem at the start of a game. He is threatening them with talk of fines and bans. Look T, have you seen the size of these guys. I suggest you reconsider or you may be taking a knee or two and be required to pucker up!

However, I am sure the leader of the free world has a long line of suitors, who if handsomely recompensed would take a knee in front of him whilst the Stars and Stripes played merrily in the background. Why you would want to, is an entirely different question, one I will drape a long, red tie and a very small non-disclosure over for the moment.

Two weeks ago, I was with my mother for her 90th birthday, she cooked for 21 guests who were nearly all over the age of 75 and the 80 stairs to her front door became like climbing the Scala Sancta in Rome, an act of homage, the final few stairs on their hands and knees. Luckily, I was on hand to administer revitalising alcoholic beverages, such are the friends of my mother.

Watching them all leave, once they had not been fed and watered, rather wined and dined for 4 hours was a rare sight! The journey down a might faster, allbeit with both hands on the handrail.

Happy Birthday Mother.

Daily Deal 30th July 2018

So we have some sample socks in our Sale, and they are making their first appearance on the Daily Deals.

Suitable only for shoe sizes 7(41) to 9 (43), a huge variety of designs and materials for every taste… Even a couple that have not been worn by Michael Jackson.

They are only available to personal shoppers, as you know we don’t do that online stuff!

Oh… they are just £5 a pair!

Socks making their first appearance as a daily deal…

Post Ibiza ramblings!

Es Vedra – Magnetic Centre of the Earth… as rumour has it!

Ooooooh let’s get this party started…

What a weekend, hotter than July. Oh, wait it is!

My mother is shortly to be 90 years old, yes come on, get your calculators out!

Her eyesight is failing, yet she still has the reactions of a Ninja, and possesses the right foot of Jean-Claude van Damme. She has promised to give it back to him!

Forty percent of the penalties in yesterday’s World Cup games did not find the back of the net… But let’s not let that stand in the way of any ‘desired’ result or hitting a barn door. Like Roy of the Rovers, Putin’s XI could go all the way. How a few million quid can transform the fortunes of this magnificent team?

Life is full of heroes…

Apparently, the half time entertainment for the final will be almost Gladiatorial. It will involve a bare-chested man wrestling a tiger in the centre circle. I draw no reference to people or events, past or present, fact or fiction; but I don’t fancy the tiger’s chances!

Govie, Govie, Govie, man enough to tear the skin off a rice pudding, powerful enough to crush a grape, he will be henceforth known as ‘The Shredder’, pass him a telephone directory. For the millennials amongst you that whooshing noise is the sound of this going over your head, not the sending of an email!

Stand aside BoJo, there’s no getting between this man and his Campari and Soda, he’ll leave you looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Govie and the Brexit Bulldog are tip-toeing through the tulips, walking our one, and only sniffer dog in search of contraband, now if only we could keep Bonio on the other side of the Irish border.

Meanwhile across Donald Duck’s pond, Tariff la Quiff is giving the Americans; ‘Space Force’. Major Don, take a protein pill and put your helmet on.

Next, he’ll be wheeling out Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee-Jones, Donald Sutherland, and a hologram of James Garner astride gleaming Harley ‘Fatboys’ singing Fortunate Son… announcing these rootin’, tootin’ cowboys are the future of his nation.

Apparently “Team America” are a little put out by this. There will be consequences! Not least when it comes down the budget for Pringles and Oreos.

Anyways, back to Ibiza and Hedonism.

Cafe Caleta – look the recipe up!

Once again, I stared into the abyss, and she stared back, blinking at my luminescence. I could see she too yearned to come back as me. Good God, what was in that cocktail, tell me I didn’t swallow the umbrella…

Neil with his beloved Scratch


Neil my ‘friendly’ tattooist; one the kindest, and gentlest friends I have, has a new dog following the loss of his beloved Scratch at the end of last year.

He hasn’t decided what to call her yet, but she is showing signs of great promise. Perhaps, ‘Thug’, might be a good start and although her training is going well, she has to refine her shoplifting skills. Neil now has a bewildering array of bikinis stolen from the shop two doors away, none of which he is going to wear!

It’s a ‘Thuglife’

 Ibiza is creaking at the seams somewhat, but I still recommend people stay here:

 and rent your boats from here:

Sunset Strip

This creaking included a taxi driver who delivered us to the wrong beach for dinner. It would have resulted in a 10km drive round so we all walked to Es Boldado! Nestling on the cliff edge in the distance. Thank goodness I could take my heels off!

The walk to Es Boldado

 Worth the view?

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