More Knitwear for Autumn & Winter 2017/18

That’s it, just send me an email to disturb me with some new temptation as I am settling down for some lunch, why, oh why do you always do it.

Prawn sandwich, don’t mind if I do!

As not worn by Roy Keane.

And yes, there are other things that are new, but what would I have to disturb you with next week if I get it all out today…

Light Denim Blue Merino Wool Zip Cardigan with Hidden Buttons

Dark Denim Blue Merino Wool Zip Cardigan with Hidden Buttons

Navy Blue and Green Vintage Wash Merino Wool Zip Cardigans

Burnt Orange and Charcoal Vintage Wash Merino Wool Zip Cardigans

Knitwear & Shirts for Autumn & Winter 2017/18

It’s a little like Chinese water torture, that constant drip, drip of new things.

Do you take the plunge or do you wait? Don’t wait for it to get cold, strike while the iron is hot.

Anyway, who writes all this old drivel? Just wander down and spend your ill-gotten gains.

Coffee Wool and Silk Rollneck Pullover

Denim Blue Wool and Silk Rollneck Pullover

Navy Blue and Burgundy, Dark Brown and Navy Blue & Light Blue and Coffee Marl Wool Shawl Collar Pullovers

Blue Circle patterned Cotton Shirt

Grey and Black Circle patterned Cotton Shirt

Whites Cotton Shirts with Navy Blue and Dark Brown Contrast buttons and button attachement

Mid Blue self patterned Cotton Shirt

Shirts for Autumn & Winter 2017/18

More stock has arrived for the Autumn/Winter season and today’s focus is on the new shirts.

Jersey and Brushed Cottons are amongst the new arrivals to cover any eventuality with the weather.

Grey Brushed Cotton with Blue Checks and Light Blue Jersey Cotton Shirts

Blue self-patterned Cotton and Navy Blue lightly Brushed Cotton with Brown and Blue Check Shirts

Denim Blue Jersey Cotton and Burgundy Spotted Cotton Shirts

Navy Blue with Brown detail and Mid Brown Jersey Cotton Shirts

Dark Blue Jersey Cotton and Pale Blue Cotton Shirts

Dark Blue lightly Brushed Cotton Gingham Check and Light Blue Brushed Cotton

Dark Blue self-patterned Knitted Cotton and Dark Blue Brushed Cotton Shirts

Dark Blue Spotted Cotton and Light Blue Dogtooth Cotton Shirts

Grey self-patterned Knitted Cotton and Denim Blue Brushed Cotton

Blue with White Check Cotton and White Jersey Cotton Shirts

Blue Cotton with Red Buttonholes and Blue Stripe Cotton Shirts

Denim Blue Jersey Cotton and Dark Blue lightly Brushed Cotton Shirts

Light Blue lightly Brushed Cotton Gingham Check and Denim Blue Brushed Cotton

Coats for Autumn & Winter 2017/18

The return of the super popular Field Jacket and this time the addition of a Car Coat.

Made in the same waterproof bi-stretch fabric, this season they have a down filling to keep you warm and dry.

I would suggest you get one before they all sell out, but I would say that wouldn’t I?


Green Down filled Field Jacket £370

Down filled Field Jacket lining (colours vary according to the exterior)

Navy Blue Down filled Field Jacket £370

Black Down filled Field Jacket £370

Navy Down filled Car Coat £395

A newsletter to herald the beginning of Autumn – September 2017

Beelzebub asked me to step forward and take up a new role as an influencer, which means I get to test lots of free things and write about them. The upside is that you know this means all the ‘millennials’ are going to hell.

My dream job, but, hang on, hadn’t I being do that all these years, isn’t this why you all want to come back as me; has my work gone unappreciated by the ‘Dark Lord’?

‘Ungrateful’ is the only printable word I can come up with, a ten letter word in a nine letter game.

For years I have been successfully leading you all astray, with a collection of the Emperor’s finest new clothes, and now ‘He’ says he wants me to influence you. Pah. May he burn in the fires of hell, along with his six brothers!

You want a piece of me, exactly mate you, and whose family?

Step outside the gates of the dark web and we’ll see who is boss.

Anyway they’ve been way too busy, the seven princes have infested the Premier League, Costa, Sanchez, Aguero, Ozil, Coutinho, Mahrez and Vardy have spread unrest and dissent amongst the ranks of the faithful.

Several of them have got their fingers trapped in the transfer window as it closed, that’s got to hurt! They’ll now all be sulking around for the next 4 months blowing on them until the portal opens once more, meanwhile their harbingers are wandering round with begging bowls the size of the dish at the Arecibo Observatory, which just so happens to be the size of 30 football pitches.

Arsene Wenger has once more shown he is suffering from ‘Martyr Complex’, ‘the belief that as a  martyr he has been singled out for persecution because of exceptional ability or integrity’! My good friend Tony describes football as theatre for the working class, he’s so

Along with the new football season we have heralded in autumn, cooler nights, the harvest, SAD lamps, it won’t be good enough to set your smartphone screen to the highest setting, pumpkins, and Tressemay might be caught clod hopping through fields of wheat, searching for a five bar gate.

Behind her trying to resolve the revolving Brexit negotiations, the five have hopped over a stile and are off to Smuggler’s Top via Castaway Hill. Giggling and squabbling, DD, BJ, Foxy, Pretty P and Amber with her ruddy complexion have gone off in search of the drinks cabinet and lashings of ginger bear, or more likely pink gin.

Playa del Muro

Anyways, back to my role as an influencer. As you well know I have been going to Ibiza for an age, please don’t ask it’s not polite, but this year I have been sunning myself on Mallorca, momentarily waiting for someone to let some of the air out of Ibiza’s tyres, before it really does turn into the Las Vegas of Europe. I stayed in two beautiful family run small hotels, in both the service and food were impeccable and with fantastic pools:

Can Moio


Driverless cars – The future

Cata at Can Moio and Cristina at Hort de cas Misser were both wonderful hosts, and both places offer very different rural environments.

Nature Reserve at Playa del Muro

I am about to be controversial, but as an influenza I think those big ole bushy beards are about to catch a cold. I know; I know you’ll say I’ve had it in for them all along, but by next summer everyone will have chins more like Peter Perfect.

Have I turned into a news junkie, I can feel a rising panic, life on earth is to be threatened by a shower of comets and meteors caused by the beautiful Gisele 710. How could something with such a balletic name threaten our lovely planet, perhaps by an act of love she will free us from the grasp of this evil and Albrecht will defend us from the Wilis with his mighty sword… Sorry stopped to breathe into a paper bag for a moment… I was hyperspacing!

Phew, finally read the article to the end, it’s OK apparently it’s not going to happen for another 1.3 million years and by then I’ll be ready retire anyway, I’m sure skin treatments will have moved on and I won’t need to put my face on the ironing board.

There’s a good chance by then that Donald may have tripped over the end of his long red tie and stumbled onto the nuclear button, or Lil’ Kim may have nuked the bloke who cuts his hair, it’s a work of art according to my good friend Raoul, who well versed in these things. By all accounts the bowl they cut round to get this shape from can only be found deep in the Amazon and it is used to prepare hallucinogenic compounds, however it seems it is available for Prime delivery!!

A panorama what a surprise and the church I found there.

Looking over Pollenca

Church up there


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A nudge is as good as a wink!

A little something for the weekend?

My apologies for disturbing you, I know one or two of you are either relaxing by a pool or on a beach somewhere warm, smug in the knowledge that we are not basking in a heatwave at home.

Oh irony, well I’ve stopped now, Raoul does hate it when I take over his chores. Those of you queueing at a border controls across Europe, my commiserations, but I voted to remain, and as I can feel the cold breath of winter from our near neighbours, it is time to get the home fires burning. If we create enough pollution and burn a great big hole in the ozone layer we will have weather to die for, and no need to leave the country we got back! Ibiza, no chance you can’t hold a candle to Cromer!

Mother Nature is fickle, and what is worse she is being paid less than Father Time, but no sooner had we started to compare this summer to the glorious summer of 1976 when she brings autumn forward.

With this to read, perhaps you might just put that riveting book down, you know the one on the “History of Oil and Kerosene Lamps” (non-illustrated edition), or perhaps you have now moved onto the “Altitudinal distribution patterns of Alpine plants”, wake me up before you gogo!

I was almost sweet sixteen in 1976, like a young Les McKeown, well apart from the tartan strides and outrageous accent, so even those of you without a background in astrophysics should be able to work that one out. Forty-five days without rain, stand pipes in the street and temperatures of over 25C, pah, memorable summer of 2017 my whatsit, grow a beard and man-up.

Well, I see the little silhouette of a man Scaramucci, Scaramucci has fandangoed his way straight out of the White House. Apparently his expletive tirades we too much for the Big D, but what Big D didn’t know is that the more we swear, the more trustworthy we are perceived to be. So ^$*” ^ *%*£ *$ you!

I feel so much better now I’ve got that off my chest, don’t seem to feel any different, I suppose once a snake oil salesman! Perhaps Tony was coming from a much lower base, and I guess the only way was up.

Trump’s Presidency is starting to resemble a Netflix Original series, Netflix and chill… eeeeewwww, Big D at your side, strategically placed tie, doesn’t bare thinking about, don’t even countenance the thought!

This side of the pond our lot are in recession, in their respective constituency surgeries perhaps and like your Doctor an appointment isn’t available until after the next election. No talk of staycationing this year.

Well this was a brief ditty to remind you to look at the ‘Daily Deals’, keep a careful eye out, I might offer up my gran at any time!


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