A Birthday Update

Thank you one and all, I am deeply touched, but then you knew that and it’s unlikely to change in the near future, unless of course I go back on the treatment.

I received birthday greetings from far and wide, some complimentary, others, well perhaps I did deserve a little of what was said. One of you, a man involved in the finance industry, though not allied to Greece, got his sums wrong. His workings were correct, but the correct answer is 21.

For those amongst you who used Facebook to wish me well, I will not be posting pictures of the other nights’ celebrations. The Chinese Lanterns were a bit of a mistake, but I thought the small fire at Battersea Power Station would only hasten its redevelopment.

For the fireworks my thanks go to Mario Balotelli. He has spent longer in the fitting room than any other customer I’ve had, the late Richard Pulford included. At least Richard finally came out with the clothes on in the right places. Dear Mario, you might have seen how he manages not to put the training bib on. Imagine him with a full wardrobe, not a look that any of you will be offered, it is a look he has made his own.

My D list friend gave me a vuvuzela, he’d even signed it, immediately devaluing it. The man is now quite mad, something about meerkats and insurance, and why he hadn’t got the work, even though he’d dressed in a full size meerkat outfit and perfected the accent. The up side is that he is now bonding with his children, but only as long as he has got the outfit on.

My thanks go to Sunil, who tested me the other morning with a text at 5.45am.The alarm had already gone off. It was early, but not quite early enough to catch me out. Please let’s not turn this into a game. He was in London for a day and wanted to catch up. I’m not sure how many people would want to catch up at that time of day, even the Wolseley was shut.

Neil will be here from Thursday for a few days and a party, I’ll keep you posted, and Mateo was here to return my mankini. Thank goodness he’d washed it.

As always in Mateo’s world, it is elegant, charming and beautiful. This visit was no exception.

Very best to you all, and don’t think you’re going to get any more before the end of the month.

Apparently it’s 52 sleeps until Christmas. Thanks Jake


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