A Birthday Thank You.

A large thank you to all who contributed or is it contrived to make my birthday celebrations the success they were. Now of course success is only subjective, but they went well. I am not lying prone on the bathroom floor, a huge feat in itself.

Those of you who weren’t here, we’ll try to make next year’s event a bigger one.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes from far and wide. I had to translate one or two, but I think I understand what you were trying to say.

Tony, bless his Volpe cotton socks only tried to start 4 fights to defend me.

Thank you Vash for all the champagne, thank you Emi for being guest of honour, one day you will make a young man very happy.


Thank you to The Wolseley for their hospitality.


I have enough Krispy Kreme, cake, peanuts and alcohol to last me through Christmas.


Finally a thank you to the first customer of the day, who turned up in one of these…..


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