Birthday Update – Well I have resurfaced……..

After all the crazy partying, life is starting to return to normal. Except that it looks like it will continue again this week, with crazy partying becoming the normal, nothing changes. Two more birthday dinners with Adam and Maurice, drinks with Alex and not to mention Vash, Tony, maybe Micheal…… And so on, and so on. Yet another week lying on a cold bathroom floor; when will I ever get back to the gym?

Last night in the very early hours of the morning Sunil emailed me, we really are back to normal. I mean, I might not have been alone, but sadly I was. He wanted to remind me, that I made him a cape which he is very proud of and it is far nicer than my new parka.

Ever out to please people, I have posted the photos of his garment again, apparently it will make him very happy. I’m not sure how that stacks up because he is in fact sunning himself in the south of France and taking photos on a year’s sabbatical. We are planning to meet up for Christmas lunch, and I have found just the place…..

Sunil's Cape

Sunil’s Cape

Sunil Cape 2 Sunil Cape 3 Sunil Cape 4

My congratulations go out to Andrew and Russell, who hosted a star studded party in Central London last weekend to celebrate their civil partnership. The speeches were very touching, until Andrew started recounting some of his bawdy exploits. Given what he does for a living I’m not in the least bit surprised, but he saved it right at the end with a lovely tribute to Russell.

I’ve known Andrew a fair while, and Russell only a couple of months, but they are very well suited and will be very happy. Of course they are well suited, the suits came from me…….

LiLi vs Azis

LiLi vs Azis

My goodness what made my friend Lili so shocked?

And you can see it, if you want to know look up Azis and his song “Sen Trope” on YouTube, and if this doesn’t shock you enough, Lili was actually watching his video “Hop”. It is an anti-Putin statement. You have been warned, no really, you have been warned. I now realise where Raoul my waxing technician found his look. I’m obviously not getting out enough, or perhaps, just not to the right places, painting my toenails is no longer going far enough. It has been suggested that I recreate Azis’s beard for Movember, but the temptation may be to go so much further. Perhaps I should put it to the vote, on second thoughts.


Could you imagine it, I don’t think anyone would ever come into the shop again, except Raoul. Then probably I’d never get rid of him, and I’d have no hair left.

Happily this won’t happen, and there will remain parts of me that will be hirsute, and Neil will still tattoo me. He has escaped to Madrid for a few days, to relax and probably join Eugene who is now on a world hedonism tour. After the “Burning Man” festival, photos in Rolling Stone magazine he is doing the reverse of Sunil’s  year of Buddhist relaxation, and burning candles at both ends for a year.

If you are wondering where all this is going, trust me I don’t have a clue. My mid-life crisis started age 7 and hasn’t let up yet. However I would like to thank my many friends, who have to a man and woman proved that they are great friends. They have seen me through another year, listened to all the rubbish I spout, been confidants, supportive in my low points, shared my many highs and generally done what good friends do. If the next twelve months are to be anything like the last twelve, I will have plenty for the newsletter and the book.

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