Celebrity Post

Now as you all should know, however loose lipped I appear, I am very tight lipped about our celebrity clientele, but there is a gentleman who over the years has kindly sent many people in our direction.

The success of his various television series; in our case his Great Railway journeys, both British and Continental have meant that you have all seen his Bradshaw’s Guide, tucked under the arm of either his Volpe jacket or Volpe shirt.

Michael espouses one of the most important aspects of our business, colour, and when we were chatting the other day, he felt I should make a little more of our collaboration.

We were La Grande Bellazza colour before LGB.

Working with him is always great fun, and he always has a very clear idea of what he would like. Perhaps the best Prime Minister we never had? The other politicians amongst you sit down and stop barracking me, I’ll set little John Berkow on you, or worse his wife.

I see Michael every so often breakfasting at our local. No, I’m not going to get jealous, but Marie is entranced by him and will always pop over and say hello. As long as she comes back I’ll be happy.

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