New stock and a follow on from PrEaster

So it’s clear you’ve all gone away.

Or possibly the contents of the newsletter are really starting to scare one or two of you.

Yesterday I resisted putting a link to the site until I had more photos to put up. So here are some photos of new stock to add to those from yesterday.

Read back over yesterday’s Newsletter if you dare.

Cotton Stretch Washable 1

Cotton Stretch Washable 1

Cotton Stretch Washable  2

Cotton Stretch Washable 2

Volpe Nobu Jeans

Volpe Nobu Jeans

Superfine Wool

Superfine Wool

I know many of you are sunning yourselves around the world. I am of course Ibiza bound, but for those in Tunisia, Bermuda, Barbados, Miami, Australia, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Mustique, Bogota, Liguria, Capri, Sardinia, and The Maldives to name but a few…..

The rest of you who have failed to tell me where you have or are not going are unlikely to get a mention, unless it is sunny Doncaster…No really I know someone who is off to party in Doncaster, and let me say this Perseus, they are in greater need of a fake tan for that trip than you will be in Miami. Your absence on the day before you left has been duly noted, I hate to think how much of it had washed off before you left the country. I can only imagine the bitchfest that awaits whence you return.

Eugene with Neil’s help is setting a weekend of wall to wall villa parties for me. I shall not sleep before I die, which may be early Wednesday given the number of abodes I have to visit.

Finally may I was wish all of you that it important to a very Happy Easter. As the Italians say “Vi voglio tanto bene.”

This is a little something that Emi made today. It is a double sided cashmere blanket. Available with a satin border in either Royal Blue or Brown colours. There are only 4, two with the blue and two with the brown. They are 2m x 1.5m and would normally cost £590, but as we are using the last of the cashmere they can be yours for £350 each.

Cashmere Reversible Blanket - Royal Blue

Cashmere Reversible Blanket – Royal Blue


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