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So the Ibiza Closing Parties have been and gone.

I haven’t been and didn’t go.

The island will once more become Tarry Town, the legend of Sleepy Hollow will continue, and we all know how that ends. Death and a drug crazed headless horseman, or am I wrong, and is that the general state of affairs in Ibiza?

I draw no comparison to anyone I know, fictional characters or friends, or fictional friends, split personalities and quadro-polar suffering people like me.

I have started to post daily photos of what I am wearing, this has been drawing appreciative comments, and a damn sight better than the photos of me in the Emperor’s new clothes.

There is an entire wardrobe created for his Highness made from the finest gossamer fabrics. As a child the mere use of the ‘g’ word would reduce us all into sniggering wrecks, nothing has changed, and Crispian, I am thinking of you. I wear my immaturity with pride and a lot of colour, as you can see from the photos.

As I said the desire to give things up for a month would have a darker side, and after GoSober we are now being told, well OK, encouraged to ‘Go with the Flow’. So the first shower of the day now should involve a little tinkle, and there will be no pot at the end of the golden rainbow. Apparently we could save 720 million gallons a year!

We could turn that into more alcohol and then toast abstention!

So where I want to know, do we go with ‘Gone with the Wind’?

This week a Mark and I had dinner, thank you Mark. It now appears I cannot go out for a meal anywhere in the universe without bumping into someone I know. We headed for Café Murano, and low and behold if I don’t meet another friend there, but also the restaurant manager was someone I hadn’t seen for a few years. Luckily I had left him with a good impression.

I just wanted to make sure I put this in, before I forgot, age et al.

My recommendations for Ibiza next year, which I will update just before Easter next year:


Hotel Royal Plaza


I have been staying here for years. Eduardo Manero is the General Manager and all the staff are fantastic. It has large clean rooms with a balcony, a pool on the roof, close to the centre of Ibiza town and the port in a quiet residential area.


Bonder & Co


Some of the most amazing villas there are. I have seen them, I know.


C’an Alfredo


It is a local restaurant that serves mainly local people, serving mainly local dishes, Juan and his daughter Nuria are lovely people, and one of my favourite places to eat, anywhere.

Blonde Ibiza


This will need very little said about it, Eugene, Neil and Wes. Good food, great atmosphere and under the walls of the old town.

La Bodega


One of Ibiza’s best tapas restaurants, book or be disappointed.

C’an Costa

It doesn’t have website, you have to share a table, you can’t book, you just have turn up and wait. It won the ‘La Medalla de Oro’ for food on the Island, and about time too. Dinner will set you back €25 euros including wine, if you push the boat out.

Ibiza town has many similar places they will all require a wait, but there are reasons why you have to wait.



Neil and the crowd will show the island from a completely different perspective.

Bars and Clubs:

I’ll leave you to find these. I have no idea


Ibiza has so many beautiful beaches, you could go to a different beach every day for a month and each one would give something different.

This is one of my favourites and almost impossible to find. Often when I have been  there in the height of the August madness I have been alone there.

Ill den Calles small

We are currently planning another wine evening, and I will keep you informed of progress.


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