Because there is so much I need to get off my chest…

Black, black, black…

That’s about as much of a black Friday as anyone got out of me, and as for Cyberman Day, what happens if the Daleks find out that the Cybermen have their own special day.

Christmas is fast approaching, and that light at the end of the tunnel, is Santa on his sleigh wearing his brand new 20000 lumens head torch. The elves have fashioned out a reindeer stencil to warn any one who crosses their path, and Rudolph is sulking because it looks nothing like him…

Santa’s sack is shrinking. Gone are the heady days when it was full of chocolate goodies, now it is just Tobler One, Quality Close, and Terry’s Chocolate Tangerine.

When and where will it end? Will a Mars become a Mercury, will a Marathon (Snickers for you youngsters) become a Sprint, a Polo, just a hole; and a Topic, well you can thank the squirrel for that one.

Some people have expressed a desire to be part of the Newsletter, held up for posterity, it’s like pinning a tail on the Donkey; and yes there is an App, I have checked… So, Keith my thanks for your kindness and friendship, I wish you a speedy recovery with Nurse Camilla, beneath swaying palms and balmy skies.

Come March 29th next year, this will be nothing more than a hairdryer in the conservatory for some.

But I am troubled by thought that Brexit may be just a mirage, a tree that falls in the forest, the fridge light that never goes out, a road to nowhere, a bridge over troubled water. Cut off from the rest of the country, there will be just us fancy city folk, with our fancy Dan ways, foreign holidays and espresso machines, our own personal ‘barrista’ frothing at the mouth.

These heady days will be long gone, I’ll go back to making cities out of matchsticks and ships in bottles, a haven for flying ducks on my flock covered walls.

Our government will be a strange mix of Wombles, Clangers and Captain Pugwash. What do you mean it already is? Shocked emoji! Why hasn’t anyone said or done anything? Apathy, apathy, it’s not a party!

It is, and I will not let it distract me from my hedonism. I am in preparation for my twelve days of Christmas, when only a Baker’s Dozen will do.

I will update you, for those interested in joining in.

Please note the Christmas opening times and please, please, please, for my sake shop irresponsibly…





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