Putting it off

Yes, I am aware that this thought has crossed one or two minds, that fact summer may never come.

Even someone with my pea-sized intellect has noticed this!

However, trust me it will, and much as I recoil at the thought, there will be one or two of you sporting a wardrobe full of my Emperor’s Collection, solely because you ignored my advice. The wardrobe doors will open to reveal a row of hangers clad in the finest nothing…

Strike while the iron is tepid, leap before looking, save the date, back in the day and keep calm…. help is at hand! Surprised by my triteness? You shouldn’t be, you know me too well. My shallowness, weakness and forthrightness are admired in equal measure. Come back as me if you dare…

So the good news is that we have managed to increase the number of cloth makers we work with.

We now have ranges from Piacenza, Drapers, Caccioppoli, as always Ariston, and finally Loro Piana once again…

And have no fear, all are as reasonably priced as ever, well apart from Piacenza, but hey dig deep!

This is a small selection of a much larger selection! Dare I say something for everyone?

Summer from Ariston

Jackets by Ariston

Caccioppoli – Suits and Jackets

Luxury on an unprecedented scale by Piacenza

and finally Loro Piana

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