A Square Mile

From an interview for Square Mile Magazine:

Is there anything that won’t come back into fashion?

Fanny packs worn strapped to your chest. Those stacked, platform trainers that the Spice Girls used to wear. MC Hammer harem pants. Men’s fashion is seemingly engaged in a ‘go-on-we-dare-you’ race to make you look as silly as possible. And, we’re all for it. After all, the world would be a dull place without white socks worn with hiking sandals (yes, that’s a thing now too).

Gentleman, Adrian Holdsworth, of Volpe Sartoriale, cult purveyor of luxury made-to-measure Italian tailoring, believes that the wheels of fashion are about to turn once again to welcome the return of two items previously thought dead: the three piece suit and tie. “Yes, I know offices are becoming more casual,” says Holdsworth. “But you know, if you want to be different, why not be the one guy in the bar wearing a tie? It’s a lot more comfy than having a hairy beard. A tie adds edge. Think of it as the lead singer of the band.”

Next up, the three-piece suit. Now, we all love little Gareth Southgate, but mainly because of his managerial skills. So instead of his M&S (Marks & Spencer) waistcoat, why not try an ‘MMM’ waistcoat, which stands for ‘Middle Aged Millionaire Milanese’?

Anyone who’s spent any time in Italy will have noticed chic middle-aged Italian men running around in zip-up gilets made from cashmere or flannel wool, either worn over a jumper or underneath a blazer with the zip-up funnel neck showing beneath the lapel. It’s what the MMM wear on the ‘fine settimana’.

At Volpe Sartoriale you can order a zip-up gilet made out of the same Vitale Canonico Barberis flannel as your suit, to create a new, sportier ‘MMM’ re-mix of the traditional 3-piece. Said gilet can even be worn separately from the suit with a cashmere jumper over the weekend. “It is a suit, but just a little twisted,” says Holdsworth.

“Men are becoming more confident when it comes to their made-to-measure suits. I try to help the customer find their personal style and if you want to try something a little different then we can do that. After all, the only way to be modern is to be yourself.”

The zip-up gilet 3 piece is something Volpe have been doing for years. Just try not to wear it with a strap on fanny pack.

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