New Belts

New Belts

It’s going to be a long month. So I thought why not accompany some new merchandise with a little prose. I was minded to add a few words by young Matthew, as he’d introduced a new word into our conversation:

Flâneur – as defined by Baudelaire.

“The crowd is his element, as the air is that of birds and water of fishes. His passion and his profession are to become one flesh with the crowd. For the perfect flâneur, for the passionate spectator, it is an immense joy to set up house in the heart of the multitude, amid the ebb and flow of movement, in the midst of the fugitive and the infinite. To be away from home and yet to feel oneself everywhere at home; to see the world, to be at the centre of the world, and yet to remain hidden from the world—impartial natures which the tongue can but clumsily define. The spectator is a prince who everywhere rejoices in his incognito ………

Blah, Blah, Blah. Baudelaire

Matthew did you mean, by definition from “flânerie” from 16th or 17th century term, denoting strolling, idling, often with the connotation of wasting time? Are you pointing a finger at me?

Right, enough of that let’s step outside and put yer dukes up. Let’s settle this like men and go for a wander; I can’t be bothered to fight about it….

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