Now for some news that many of you have been waiting for, and no I am not expecting. Advances in medical technology have not moved that far forward, and anyway more than one of me may be too much for anyone!

My youth remains intactus, but the painting in the attic is starting to curl a little around the edges.

We are now at that time of year again.

The SALE starts on this Saturday the 26th.

For those of you in the cognoscenti, you will be able to come in a few days early, let’s say from Wednesday and help yourself to a bargain.

As you know with the SALE comes some rule changes, the normal level of service and humour goes out the window. So you all help yourselves, I am not sullying my hands with anything that I consider beneath me. However given I am hhhmpph tall in my bare feet, there isn’t much that isn’t beneath me.

And I finally after many years of searching, I found a use for Battersea Power Station.

Volpe Sale

Volpe Sale

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