Charity Ride – 100 miles for Help the Hospices

Kings of the Boards

Kings of the Boards

As some of you may know I am cycling 100 miles for charity this Sunday 10th August. The charity I am raising money for is Help the Hospices.

I shall not be riding alone, which will be a good thing considering how lost I got cycling to Brighton. However this time I will be accompanied by Adam, Sara, Tom, Pasquale and an un-named celebrity. Yes, they do have a name I just can’t divulge it.

Apparently the route is well signposted, but if I do decide to go off piste 24,000 other people will be lost too.

I have oiled my gears, greased my chain, covered my saddle in shaved mink to save my precious bits and bought a whole new Lycra wardrobe. I shall be changing outfits every 5 miles throwing the sweaty castoffs to my adoring public as then stand surprised and stunned at the roadside.

Please give generously. I am donating £5 for every time I have eaten breakfast at The Wolseley (aka The Caff.) in the last two months. This currently stands at £80.

I shall set myself a new challenge once the ride is completed.

STOP PRESS: Adam, why is this tow bar fixed to the back of my bike? Clearly I am Roadrunner to your Wylie Coyote. Don’t think I don’t know your little game………

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