Red Trousers

So, I spend a couple of days in Italy, sitting around eating,  working my fingers to the bone on next winter’s collection, because as you know I work in fashion, not of a fashion!

In a quiet moment at Bologna Airport I am asked for my opinion, hold back, Moi?

And I return to this.

Any one wanting red trousers will have to wait, such has been the clamour for these blighted fashion items, between the Telegraph and Country Life we were sold out before dawn.

Well OK, that’s not entirely true, they are lying in a lead lined box and heading for North Korea.

The debate may well be taken to the front pages; overtaking the European referendum and the American Presidential race in the front of peoples minds.

Donald Trump in red trousers? Think I’ll leave it there…

Me and my big mouth!


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  1. Could you please clarify whether your shop door is ‘closed’ during trading hours and one rings or knocks to effect entry, as in jewellery shops in less salubrious areas?

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