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Boris is stood at the dispatch box, dodging bullets as if he were Neo from the Matrix.

He hasn’t managed to stop them mid-flight yet, but I must say he’s flexible, you must have seen him groove, all that gesticulating (waving of arms, to the uneducated amongst you), it makes him appear like a magician! His vain hope still exists; that he will disappear through the trapdoor in front of the Speaker’s Chair, rather than be sawn in half by Sir Keir! Houdini, whodunnit? Save Big Dog… Woof!

He will end the session like he began it, without a single hair in place.

I fear, the similarities between Boris and Neo, may end there, but having said that, I’m sure the ladies on the red wall will love a man like him in a leather trench coat. He’s no ‘Milk Tray’ man, and not likely to swan dive off a cliff in to a sapphire blue ocean. Rather, he’ll divebomb your kids in the shallow end of the pool, whilst yelling tsunami… then deny it was him whilst turning the water golden…

He is all snake, and no polo neck! That one is brass, and a really slippery sucker… I am tempted to say, “Don’t Go” we’re all having too much fun. Luckily, this lad is not for leaving…

I have just returned from Italy… work; it really was. Look if ‘he’ can get away with it, so can I!

Why do you have to ask? Travel is back on the agenda… Milan, Rome, and dinner at Il Moro.

The main topic of conversation, apart from Brexit, yes, they are still laughing about that one, was Boris, and his parties.

They consider him more of a fool than Berlusconi. That’s a stretch, and I say hold on a moment, there is no evidence of that, it was the dog that ate my homework….  

Dear Silvio would just throw Bunga at it, fly everyone to Sardinia for the weekend, obviously at the Italian non-taxpayer’s expense. Could you imagine our cheeseparing leader, he’d be desperate just to get someone else to cough for the Lambrusco from Waitrose.

Any way there was a reason for this newsletter.
We are in the process of launching a range of made to measure knitwear, initially in single and two- ply merino wool, later in cotton, cashmere and cashmere/silk.

There are a huge number of styles, all your favourites plus some fantastic new ones, and they available in 30 fabulous colours, with an option for pockets and a contrast trim. There are some samples in make which will be here over the next couple of weeks.

The same deal with shoes. I know we haven’t made shoes in many years, however now there will be sneakers, and business shoes, again with similar fairly limitless options.

So, as you can see I haven’t been just sitting around on my perfectly formed posterior!

I hope to add this to the online shop at some point soon as well.

As always, I will be here, except when I am not…

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