To Hell and Back…

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RANT ALERT – An abridged version

So where are we headed?

Hell, handcart?

What happened to the re-introduction of Imperial measurements?

Perhaps, the reason is that Col. Fotherington-Smythe (no relation) would not like to know that the price of 5-star petroleum is now over £8 per gallon, and when he first bought his still pristine Daimler Double Six, it originally cost less than that to fill the wretched thing.

Then, who knows what fun people would have with inflation if, and when, a pint of milk soon costs the same as a litre! Riddle me that one!

Just ask almost any politician, they don’t know the price of anything, worse still, the value of nothing. Take a look around, you’re out of touch, I’m out of time. Don’t you just love Hall & Oates.

Now I have that song stuck in your head, I am standing on my Imperial Leather soap box, it’s slightly unsteady, it had 4oz bars at one end, and 100gm bars at the other, but that’s a life on the ocean wave for you…

Talking of which, the ‘Priti-Celeste’ is still in dry dock, or in a hanger. Luckily, she has found a soft target, and Mr Assange could well be on his way to the US, somehow, I think, he of all people may in fact prefer Rwanda!

This may not be popular to everyone, it is only my opinion, but Priti is now talking about tagging some of the migrants who have swum the channel…

Doesn’t she imagine they have endured much worse on their journey here, and the bounds of their ingenuity may outstrip her witless schemes. Give them a smartphone, switch on the activity tracker, and let them work, it amounts to the same thing, we all seem happy doing the same thing. Perhaps, they will be doing some of the work, paying taxes, contributing to society and doing the things that some people apparently ‘wfh’ should be doing.

Ethics? I had to look the meaning up, and as Oscar Wilde said in paraphrase…To lose one may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.

Shame? I had to look that one up as well. Nothing to see here, move along now… Sometimes less is more!

The Conservative Party Cabinet Line Dancing team is all out of step, Chassé, Chug, Heel Grind, Sailor, Twinkle and Backstab… these are fictional characters, and in no way are a depiction of any past or present politicians! Do you think???

To think that my politics are the politics of the left would be incorrect, I am a centrist.

We are led by mutton, dressed as lamb, and about as far from lions as we could get.

Just where did I put my lucky sixpence?

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