To begin with on Saturday 8thOctober we will be closing at 14.30. Sharp!

Yes, I am aware of the optics of that sentence. We will be open on Monday 10th at 11am as normal! Nothing like a little media drama to draw your attention, perhaps raise your interest rate!

Meter readings done?

Welcome to your Winter Warm Space.

New stock is imminent…

I will be throwing open the door to all comers as always. You do realise that you don’t get this warm welcome from an online store?

The more of us the merrier, and the more hot air we can generate the better. We could become an Air Source heat pump, perhaps even start fracking. As Roger Moore once said… when necessary, shared bodily warmth, whoa, slow down tiger!

But just think about it, you can come round and hang out here; keep warm, drink my booze coffee, spend a little money, and get something in return.

I am sure you’d rather that, than handing over a significant wedge (wheelbarrow full of readies) to the utility companies, it’s a win, win!

Do not forget the made to measure knitwear, now available in merino wool, a wool/cashmere mix, pure cashmere, and a cashmere and silk blend.

A myriad of colours and styles… Much akin to my personalities!

Sadly, Queenie is Underground, I shall miss her, not perhaps so keen on those who will follow, but the Elizabeth Line is up and running!

I wonder if they will name a line after Charlie?

We have also learnt that the pen is mightier than the sword, if one is prepared to get one’s hands dirty. Damn, blasted, thingy…

Then, our great leaders in Westminster have had so much time off, I was beginning to wonder if they were on strike. Better pay and conditions perhaps? Do they want jam on it, it’s starting to look like another Eton Mess?

Labour’s conference was a damp squib, and you know you are on to a loser when Rees-Mogg is pilfering your ideas, to make matters worse, they pinched their ideas from the Greens.

The Tories on the other hand look to be tearing themselves apart. Luckily for Liz she may get a year’s grace, otherwise it seems the 1922 Committee will be opening their Christmas cards early. What a bunch of rats in a sack, even the box of frogs across the water, seem to be behaving better. Riveting!

Ms Trust, Ms Placed, Ms Guided, Ms Taken, Ms Calculated, or just don’t let me be Ms Understood?

Then there is the Italians. Playing a blinder, sucker in the ref by rolling on the ground. One of the worst economies in Europe, they elect a far-right Government, threaten to do all sorts of things to migrants, even leave the EU. Problem solved!

That’s how you lever concessions, Mr Oven Ready Turkey. You’re not the one doing the stuffing much as you deludedly, thought you were. 

Vote for Christmas!

Just how many sleeps away is that? I am not sure I can cope with the nightmares until then…

But wait, doesn’t that involve a large man, dressed in red, with white hair and a beard climbing down my chimney…

Perhaps I should be ‘Trading Places’, Billy-Ray.

PS… I shall be deleting any of my newsletters where I may have referred to Vlad the Lad in nothing, but the most glowing terms!

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