Aesculapius and Salus


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The Pink Moon, is resplendent in the night sky as it resides in Libra, the Sun is in Aries, and Mars has joined Saturn in Aquarius.

What does this mean?

I, have absolutely no idea!

However, I do know more than one person, who on being given the task to write Horoscopes for reasonably important publications, has made them up… Agreed, one of them was for a men’s fashion magazine which required them to outline a look, per Star Sign for an entire month.

I have never seen such a jumble of brands and looks, but at least I was able to work out people’s Star Sign just from what they were wearing, walking down street…

No wonder people dress as they do… Such dramatic influence must be used sparingly, even cautiously. It is not a good look to wander down to join the queue for Waitrose sporting a paisley, silk dressing gown, Chelsea Boots, a Daunt Books tote and Linda Farrow sunglasses, I guess he was a Virgo, and will remain that way for a time to come!

Agreed, you could go out looking like that, but given people’s struggle with self-isolation, such power must be restrained, measured even, like gently blowing on the brass ended tape measure. At least at no point did they waggle a wistful finger in the direction of the Emperor’s new clothes, with the warmer weather, the results could be catastrophic.

I remain through this, at the end of a phone…

STOP PRESS: Somehow unrelated to the Emperor’s new wardrobe. We are facing a condom shortage… Why? We are all supposed to be social distancing, and I am yet to see anyone, even the great William Wilde create anything made of latex that is 2 metres thick. Call me insensitive, but really! No, wait… with the shortage of surgical gloves, we can all wear them as mittens, after all we do have opposable thumbs and they come pre-prepared with hand sanitizer!

I had a conversation in the street yesterday evening, lasting 5 minutes and 37 seconds at a distance 4.6 metres, with a couple of very friendly neighbours, who may or may not be horrified with their inclusion, regarding the moon, the Italian village of Nerola, and my non-existent classical education.

Nerola sounds like a very pleasant Italian red wine.

However, after researching it on Google, The Sun and the BBC, I hasten to add not The Mail Online; to spare my sanity. It is a beautiful village nestling in hills close to Rome, and it seems that I am not the only one researching it. It’s 1900 inhabitants are locked down and the authorities have decided the residents are now part of a trial, Guinea Pigs in a human laboratory to be tested to discover how COVID-19 spreads between groups of people. Italy has suffered more than most, let us hope something wonderfully positive comes from this.

I will end with a thought for those amongst us who have become, Aesculapius and Salus, they are not one God or Goddess, but an army, let us be grateful for them.

And a battle prayer: O Lord! Thou knowest how busy I must be this day: if I forget thee, do not thou forget me.

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