Suns out… no, no ,no please don’t!

Really please don’t, although the sun is out, it is too early…

So Valentines has been and gone. I have to admit on Wednesday I struggled to push the door to the shop open because of the huge amount of post piled up on the mat. I carefully opened each and every one, and I must say that every each and every one brought a tear to my eye. Some reminders, some final, even a few summoning me, I felt truly loved and blesssed. How thoughtful of everybody to send me a bill on the exact same day.

Anyway, why not cover up in style? You know you want to, everybody else would appreciate it as well.

Here are some of the new bits and pieces that have arrived.

Each item purchased distracts Jake for long enough for him not to worry about jinxing the season that ‘Wonder Wolves’ are having!

And do remember with each purchase you will be getting me a step closed to going back to Ibiza!

Mid Blue summer stretch chinos from Jacob Cohen with the plaited belt.

Pale Blue summer stretch chinos from Jacob Cohen with the last tan studded belt.

Orange down filled gilet with Navy Blue summer stretch chinos from Jacob Cohen with navy washed calfskin belt and white long sleeve jersey shirt.

Pale blue micro down filled gilet, beige long sleeve jersey shirt and the Mid Blue summer stretch chinos from Jacob Cohen with the punched belt.

Pale blue micro down filled gilet in Navy Blue with the grey summer stretch chinos from Jacob Cohen, with a long sleeve jersey shirt in blue melange.

Khaki micro down filled gilet with the Pale Blue long sleeve jersey shirt.

Grey short jacket with hood in Loro Piana Rain System and jersey sleeves and the Pale Blue summer stretch Jacob Cohen chinos.

New casual trousers and a limited edition jean which will form the basis for a made to measure denim collection. Available now!

So I decided we would try a new collaboration with Jacob Cohen to produce a casual trouser style that is exclusive to us in the UK. Currently in a stretch cotton with a regular rather than a jean style pocket there 2 colours and are £250 a pair. More colours will follow.

Jacob Cohen for Volpe – Blue stretch cotton at £250

Jacob Cohen for Volpe – Stone stretch cotton at £250


And then also a limited edition jean made exclusively for us and limited to 15 pairs. This will be the first of many new styles. We will produce regular limited edition models and also the denim is now available made to measure.

Volpe limited edition jean of 15 pairs, and also available made to measure.